Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Project updates

As my previous post says, I entered the Nanowrimo contest, where we have to write a 50,000 word novel in 30 days. We are on day 6 now and everyone should have a word count of at least 10,000. My word count at the start of day 6 is 11634, which makes me ahead and very pleased with myself at this point.

I seem to have adopted a strange mentality of writing with total abandon and not caring about the outcome. Oh, I had a story in mind, and made a plan of the first few chapters, and I have waffled on to my hearts content. But, regardless of that, following the story as I planned it, it is now actually starting to become a story, regardless of all the waffles going on in there.
A lot of it will have to be changed, made better, or simply edited out at the end of the 30 days, but that's to be expected. I have written seven chapters up to now, and the story is still only just starting properly, so that should tell you how much waffle is actually in there. I will tighten the story up when the nano ends on November 30th.

I am enjoying writing and not really caring that it's a total mess at this point. It's fun. Although I can't really see myself taking the same attitude with the books I intend to publish. Yes, you heard that right, I do not, at this point in time, intend to publish the Nano novel I am writing. I am just doing this for fun, letting off some creative steam. No stress involved.

When the nano is all over, and Christmas will be approaching, I will get back to my regular program of finishing off and editing the 'real' books and getting them out there.

I have four books I am working on right now, not counting the nano story. I have started book three in the Stealth series. It will be called Forsaken Be Damned, and will be the last in that particular series. Two connected books that should hopefully see a Christmas release are my 'Being' books. The first is called Being Psychic and the second is called Being a Paranormal Investigator. Lastly, the collaborative novel I am working on with some good friends is coming along nicely and should be finished by the end of this year. Release date and title have not been finalised yet though. All information on any of these novels can be found on my website HERE 

My last update is regarding my already published books, Fabled Enigma and Exorcism of the Species. Since starting the Nano, I have neglected them terribly, and in only six days, they have plummeted down the ranks of Amazon at an incalculable rate. This is terribly disheartening, as they were doing really well prior to the nano and my unfortunate neglect of TLC in their promotion and marketing. It seems to be a total myth that you can write a novel and publish it and then leave it be to do it's thing. This is not so, as I am now learning, to my disheartened cost. I did join the KDP select programme on Amazon, but only so that my books will be available to rent in the kindle library. 

So, to end this blog, if there are any kind-hearted people in a generous mood out there, please share, blog, tweet and like my published works. (See, did you notice I never once asked you to buy one? Although I won't stop you doing so if you wish to read them). I'm hoping I will learn by my mistake and again begin giving some tender loving care to my novels.

Until next time, take care everyone. And if you're passing through the Amazon kindle store and wish to borrow a book, keep mine in mind, please, as they are now available in the kindle library. To access my books in the kindle store, they are listed on the right, so just click them, they are over there ----------------------------------------------->


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