Sunday, 28 October 2012

Are we all set?

Oh my goodness!! I've no idea what I've let myself in for. 

I signed up to do the Nano this year. That's National Novel Writing Month (HERE) to those who don't yet know. You have to write a 50,000 word novel in just 30 days.

Getting quite nervous actually. Not about the novel I have to write, as I have the story in my head, it just needs writing down. My nervousness stems from other stuff.

I am currently writing two books of my own, both of which are almost finished. I'm also writing a collaborative novel with a few good writer friends, which is also almost finished. These three projects will have to be abandoned for the whole month of November, as there will be no time  to work on them while doing the Nano. Scary thought that, because leaving a story half done is sometimes agony! (shock horror at the very thought).

On top of that I have been quite ill lately. I had an infection in my major organs last week, and painful as it was, the tiredness that accompanied it just laid me out flat. I think the infection stems from the liver problems I have been having the last year or so, and eating is becoming a task of 'should I?' or 'shouldn't I?' If I don't eat, then my stomach and surrounding areas become bloated and painful and fatigue sets in that I can't fight. If I do eat, no matter how large or small the portion, then my stomach and surrounding areas become bloated and more painful, and fatigue sets in that I can't fight. It's a daily task to stay awake and be productive. Being sent to the hospital soon for a scan, after my bloods have come back to tell the doctor what we already know, which is that my liver function is very low and my cholesterol is very high. Not a good combination, but the doc won't medicate and control it all until he finds out the scale of the problem. In the meantime, I suffer (and I sleep).

Which is why the Nano is making me nervous. I'm hoping that a focus that is important to me (getting that novel out of my head finally) will keep me awake longer. Here's hoping that I don't accidentally sleep through a couple of days and miss any deadlines that I can't catch up on. That would be bad.

If anyone else is doing the Nano this year then please buddy me on there. My name on there is GailB. Find me. Buddy me, and let's have some fun attempting an impossible task.

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