Saturday, 1 September 2012

Day One went well!

My new book, Exorcism of the Species, was released yesterday morning. I was prepared to badger and cajole friends and family into buying it just to get a single sale.

I am proud and pleased to say that I was worrying for no reason. People have been waiting for it, and they bought it immediately.

I spent yesterday watching my first days sales take the book as high as number 4 in the supernatural category, 41 in the occult category and 5871 overall at Amazon. I was humbled and elated in the interest in the book. I actually bored my writing group friends stupid with my whooping and cheering antics. (sorry guys)

I am proud to also announce that I beat the Amityville Horror book by 12 places!! Yes, I know, it's silly as it's an old, old book, but I am proud to have beaten it, if only for a short while. (I'm still ahead of it as I write this, hehehe)

Thank you all for liking my novels, and for purchasing them. I hope I have lived up to the expectations.

I have promised myself at least a week off writing, to recover and calm down, but I'm bored now. Got my laptop out and started planning book three in the series. Then I changed my mind and decided to carry on with a different project or two. But I can't seem to settle on what to do with myself. I guess I'm still excited, even though the book has stopped rising for now. But it's only day two, plenty of time yet to see sales hopefully soar once again.

I just wanted to post this thank you to all the readers who like my books.

Thank you, your support is very much appreciated, and helps me to want to keep writing.


  1. You deserve your success, you have worked hard and your books are a really good read.

  2. Well done, that's amazing! Thanks for keeping us posted on your success, I can't wait until we announce the release of Isabella :) xxx

  3. Omg! Isabella. Thanks for reminding me Holly. I now know what to do next. I will turn my full attention to that, and about time too. haha
    I'm still such a ditz!

  4. A great post, when others are all about themselves. You took the time to thank those who helped you, not many can say that, Gail.

    I wish you all the best :)

  5. I bought my copy on day one and thoughly enjoyed it from e-cover to e-cover, as it were. You've managed to write another great book, with an interesting twist in the tail (or even tale). Very well done Gail. I look forward to the next installment with baited breath :-)