Wednesday, 22 May 2013

The Trolls Are Out And About

Hi everyone.

It's been a while, again, but I have been having an interesting few weeks. 

Healthwise I am feeling pretty good lately, except for my ears. It was kind of strange, but I started feeling dizzy and nauseous daily. Then my son noticed that my hearing was worse than usual. So I decided to make an appointment for a new hearing test. I got to the audiologist and they looked in my ears. 
Thats when things got interesting, and a little scary. They told me that my eardrums looked abnormal and inflamed, and that I should see my doctor as soon as possible. My hearing test apparently showed no further loss of hearing though, which is good.
I went to my doctors the next day, and he looked in my ears, then turned to his computer and made me an appointment with the ENT department at the local hospital. No-one was telling me what was going on, but I went along to my ENT appointment a week or so later.
Turns out that I have to have a CT scan very soon, and an operation not long after. The problem was mentioned to me once, but never since, and everyone wants to wait for the CT scan results until they say that particular word again. I looked up the word they told me, and I'm not looking forward to the operation. My refusal to say the word is denial, yes, I know. But until the CT scan results come back, confirming everything, then I can be in denial if I so choose.

Remember those two scumbags that came to my house and attacked me and my son a few weeks ago? Well, I got a call from the police. They're not taking things any further, and the two scumbags are delighted. Naturally, I had a go at the police, because a below average 2nd year law student could have prosecuted this case and got a conviction. I can tell you that I will never 'do the right thing' ever again. The police and the CPS don't exist any more as far as I am concerned. They can all go to hell for their cowardly ways.

And now to the subject of the title of this blog post. 

Have a read of this blog post by a fellow author: A response to cyber crime 
This author, Rick Carufel is a friend of mine on both Facebook and Goodreads. He has been targeted by trolls, and is fighting back.
However, these trolls have decided to target all of his friends on Goodreads, and are placing us all in stupidly named groups/shelves. 
Here is a blog post from another friend of both myself and Rick, a lovely woman (and fellow author) named Carol Wills: Because I'm friends with fellow author - she has been placed in these stupid groups on Goodreads simply because she knows, and is friends, with Rick.

Well now the trolls have targeted me, because I am friends with Rick. They have placed my books in silly groups on Goodreads, and it is somewhat very amusing.

Why have they done this though?

Well, I do know that one of these trolls is an author. She has at least 10 books on Amazon, and is selling... none, at all. I believe it is jealousy, pure and simple. She spends all her time bashing and insulting other authors instead of promoting her own books. 
I'm not going to name this author, but I would like to tell her that she has stupidly linked her 'shill' account on Goodreads with her 'author' account. I knew trolls were stupid, but she beats the lot of them. I'm not going to name her, because I refuse to play that kind of game, and besides, having my books in a stupid shelf on Goodreads is hardly the work of anyone I would want to know. I also refuse to give this person any publicity whatsoever. We all know that there is no such thing as bad publicity. 
However, it's only a matter of time before they do to Rick's friends what they are doing to him. And that is, giving really bad 1 star reviews on Amazon, without even reading the books. I WILL name this person if they do this to me. An author has enough trouble marketing their books without nasty, vile, people causing trouble for no reason.

I have decided to take this view on the matter. From my friend Robynn, another fellow author: Critics prove I'm a writer

These trolls will eventually only hurt themselves. I am going to take the high moral ground here, and give them the attention they deserve... NONE. Let them do their thing, promote our books all over the place for us, and watch our sales soar, because again I say, any publicity is good publicity, especially as they make no bones about not having read the books they are supposed to be reviewing. I hope their hate and jealousy consumes them.

With publicity in mind, please take a look over to the right and you can see my books. They are on sale at Amazon, and, until the trolls eventually turn their attention to me, have really good, honest, reviews. If you want to take a look at those reviews on Amazon, here is a link for you:

Lastly, could I please ask, if you have read any of these books, that you pop over to Amazon and leave an honest review? It only takes a minute and would be greatly appreciated. Thanks guys, you're the best.

Until next time, have a great week, and bear in mind that it's almost weekend.

UPDATE: 22 May 2013

Too late. The troll outed herself and is now ranting and raving and squealing at me on goodreads. I have asked her to go away, and have deleted her subsequent squeals, but she is persistant and trying to cause a fight. She is claiming I am a badly behaved author or something or other, which is quite comical considering she is the one doing all the ranting, name calling and just being plain nasty for the sake of it.
I don't even know this person. She has simply got it into her head that I am not allowed to be friends with people she doesn't like, otherwise... drum roll please... she will put my books into a bad person shelf on goodreads. Boo friggin hoo.
If you wish to see her ravings and squealings, here is the link: Troll attack
I have deleted 2 more squeals and a comment from her asking me to block her. I find that a really strange request. Why would she want me to block her? And what on earth makes her think I will do anything she tells me to? I have nothing against the woman, and have done nothing TO her either.
I have been dragged into this mess solely because one of my 800 friends on facebook is someone she doesn't like. Talk about infantile.
I hope she remembers that she started this, not me. All I did wrong was be friends with someone she doesn't like.

UPDATE NO. 2: 23 May 2013

My books are still being placed in silly, childish shelves on Goodreads by the self-confessed troll and her minions. After a to-and-fro discussion on my blog post on Goodreads yesterday, Angela (I no longer it feel it necessary to protect her name seeing as she outed herself on my blog post on Goodreads yesterday) has decided that I am no longer worth pursuing. This pleases me greatly, as I did nothing to these people, and I bear no grudges.

Seeing as her and her friends are frequently reading this blog, I would like to thank her for deciding to leave me alone. Yes, they may shelve my books as they wish, and I hope they have lots of childish fun doing so. It's their own time they are wasting, not mine. They can also continue to have fun at my expense on their home pages if they wish, as they were doing yesterday. I shall leave you with this quote from Angela, where she instructed everyone to ignore me:

'Guys, to be fair, Gail can't be expected to know stuff. Case in point: she threatened to out me as if I'd done anything wrong by shelving her whiny BBA butt. She also whines about her shelving like EVERY OTHER BBA in history. She doesn't get how lame her behavior is because knowing stuff isn't her gig, man. So for her to think this is a private space (explaining why she freaked out when I called her a stalker) just proves again what she proved yesterday.
I think we should ignore her lame blog and just post shit about her in our super secret completely public space. She knows she isn't more successful than me. She knows I won't back down to her threats. She knows shelving people is the right of GR users (she could shelve too, if someone explained how). She understands that authors must treat readers with respect on GR (despite what her BFF Rick says). Sadly, I did notice in her comment how Gail still refuses to use commas properly. Comma bigot indeed.'

I'm not sure why they think I'm a badly behaved author, and I don't really care to know. All I do know is that they targeted me because I have a friend they dislike. It had absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with my books, but they took out their dislike of my friend on my books. 

I hope this update doesn't enrage them again, and that they continue to ignore my 'lame' blog. Yesterday was surreal in it's silliness, nastiness and childishness, and I have no further wish to enter into their world of misconception and assumption. I simply ask that they continue to leave me be.

So why did I write this further update?

Because they are still targeting many of my friends and laughing as they try to cause distress and professional harm to people they don't even know. What they are doing may be, in Goodreads rule book, allowed, but I am quite sure that the Goodreads rules intentions have been deliberately misunderstood by them, and are being used to bully, harrass and hide behind. Because it IS bullying and harrassment. It isn't a crime to bring out into the open the disgusting behaviour of these people, but they believe that should anyone complain about them, then they have some sort of right to begin harrassing, mocking and handing out ratings and reviews that clearly show nothing whatsoever about the book they are supposed to be reviewing.

I think they fail to understand that they are only hurting their own reputations by doing this. Let us all hope they come to a realisation some time soon.

Authors are allowed to have personal opinions, just as everyone else is. But to target their novels and their friends novels because you disagree with a personal opinion, is... there are no words that capture just how hateful it is really, are there.

UPDATE NO. 3: 18 June 2013

The troll mentioned above is now squealing her lungs out on her blog that she won't claim to own in her own name. Did I mention that trolls try to hide their identities a lot? Nothing honest about them.

I wouldn't mind the squealing so much if they weren't outright lies. But I guess that's the troll way. She is squealing something about being more successful than me or something. Can't be sure, didn't read it all. Mild curiosity had me looking on, just to see what she was squealing about. Turns out her books all fall into the 5 million range in the rankings, with hardly any reviews, which means she hasn't sold a thing in her own name for a very long time. Hardly a surprise really, as people know who and what she is, and know her by name now. So, yeh, a very successful troll, and a very failed and bitter author.

I didn't make a new blog about this because, honestly, I only find it mildy amusing that I have a stalker. This poor woman's life must be so horrible. I kind of feel really sorry for her that she has to focus her energies on trying to ruin a reputation she simply can't ruin.
I know she is still checking out this blog regularly, hoping that I mention her by name so she can have an excuse for another squealing session. Let's put her out of her misery, shall we, and do just that.
Nah, let her read this, know it's about her, and be furious that I refuse to acknowledge her by giving her a name. She does actually have a name though, and that name is... drum roll please... Stalker troll.



  1. Hi Gail, you should read this post It could be the same person as she was a friend of Rick's once but I am not sure, they had rows on line, but work together these days. I would not put too much worth in his words, he has a rep as a trouble-maker. He must have a lot on money, he was going to take one site to court for rigging a contest.

    1. Thanks Al. I'm aware of all the rumours and stuff. Just never thought any of it would come my way. I don't know these trolls and have never had any cross words with anyone. Here's hoping that they leave us innocent authors alone. :)

  2. Great post Gail, sorry to hear about your ears.

  3. Well done Gail, as Rick says a great post. Thanks for mentioning my blog post & I too am sorry to hear about your ear trouble. Hope it turns out you don't need the operation. keeping my fingers crossed for you.

    Carol x

  4. The damned Trolls are their own worst enemies Gail. like I said in my last blog post on the subject " I would like to thank them for actively promoting my books on Amazon and Goodreads via their hate lists and their one star reviews."

  5. You have to laugh Gail. I mean, what makes these people think anyone cares what they write on Goodreads or their blogs? Most people in the world have never heard of them, or their blogs let alone looked at their childish rants. Little fish in a big pond comes to mind.

  6. All of these butt hurt bullies and their butt hurt whines. If they aren't going to find something more constructive to do, then at least they could be a bit more considerate and take their meds. LOL