Wednesday, 27 March 2013

New Update and Drama

Hi everyone.

I'm sorry it has been so long between updates. I have been a little unwell, mostly with my breathing, and have been concentrating on looking for work.

I still haven't found a job yet, which is extremely frustrating, but I am still busting my backside trying to find one. I am being placed on a work programme in May so that I can work for my benefits apparently. I am not happy about this for a couple of reasons. 

1. I have already worked for my benefits. Benefits aren't a luxury that we should be judged as being entitled to. Benefits are a RIGHT accepted by our agreement to pay into the system, with money from our previous wages. This agreement with the government was that, we pay our taxes and national insurance when we are working, and then when we need help if we lose our job for any reason, then they look after us until we find another job. It isn't a handout that I don't deserve, and I am getting tired of the mainstream media and the government pretending that it is.

2. My job seekers allowance is £71 a week. When they place me in the work programme, they will expect me to be grateful, and to work for up to 40 hours every week to continue being 'entitled' to it. I say SOD THAT. 40 hours a week at minimum wage gives a person a gross weekly income of approximately £247.60. Why on earth should I accept only £71 for 40 hours work? If the government want me to work for them, then they can damn well pay me properly. I heard Ian Duncan Smith's interview on the radio regarding this very thing. He apparently thinks that we all need work experience. Well, I have news for that slimy little man, I DON'T need work experience, I need HONEST WORK, for a decent days pay.

3. The government are claiming that work programmes are not mandatory. Well, they ARE. If I refuse to go on the work programme in May, then I will lose all 'entitlement' (there's that word again. Not 'right' but 'entitlement') to my benefits. Some people believe the government crap about it being voluntary, but I can assure you that I will be forced to work 40 hours a week for only £71. I have told my adviser that I am willing to work for my benefits, but only up to the amount of benefits I get, calculated from minimum wage. This will only require me to work 'voluntarily' for an hour and a half every day. The rest of the time I will seek proper work elsewhere, or simply stand around if they don't let me leave. I am not going to allow myself to be exploited in such a shameful manner by this government and their tax dodging friends, under threat of becoming more poverty stricken than I already am, and also homeless as well. They can get stuffed.

Anyway, I shall not carry on about that any more right now, as something happened to me and my son last Friday (22nd march).

Two boys, aged 17 and 21, knocked on my front door at 11.30 pm, and attacked my son (16). It was apparently about something my son had repeated on facebook. Anyway, they got the worst of the deal, as they didn't expect my son's ill, 43 year old mother, to defend her son, and defend alongside him to get them off the property. They expected me to stay inside while my son was being beaten and phone the police. They also filmed the whole thing on a mobile phone. I believe this is called a happy slapping? Well, they got more than they bargained for.

Long story short, they never got to do what they came to do, and left with their tails between their legs, and death threats coming out of their scumbag mouths. However, they were forced to call an ambulance, as one of them was hurt.  

Now, I am about to face police charges. I'm not sure what yet as the police are still trying to arrest those boys and get their version of events.

I sit here looking for work, and I continue writing, waiting for the police to show up. I spoke to the police yesterday and they confirmed that I will be charged as soon as they get statements from the attackers.

If I wasn't so angry at the injustice of all this, then I would laugh. Self defence is not a crime, and it's their own fault if they underestimated their victims. I am a woman of 43, who has stomach, liver and lung problems, amongst other things, and my son is only 16. To go to someone's house and attack them is the lowest of the low, and I hope these two scumbags get arrested soon. I really don't care what my son said on facebook, because no matter what he said, he never deserved to be attacked at his own home in the manner that those two attacked him. My son is a good lad who has no police record. I know that at least one of the attackers has an outstanding warrant against him. The other has a small child! Can you believe that? He is a father, yet goes around attacking innocent people at their homes.

These people and their friends have been phoning and messaging my son since the incident. They are calling him names, and some are even pretending to be his friend, then turning on him and saying nasty and horrible things to him. It's disgraceful. These people are supposed to be adults over 21 and they are behaving like nasty little children. These people really need to get over themselves.

The good news is that due to the adrenaline swirling round my body at the time, my lungs eased up a little and it became easier to breathe for a couple of days. Does anyone know how to bottle adrenaline?



  1. You have my sympathy, I got attacked by my stepson in our home last year. Before that we had been at the mercy of local thugs for years because nobody would stand against them, I did as they almost caused a serious fire and for my troubles we got even more harassment :(

  2. Wish I knew how to bottle adrenaline. Wish you the best on finding a job. What about a job at a bookstore for curiosity? Just a thought there but you would happen to know a lot of books well.